2017 So Far: The State Of American Steel

The steel industry has been a major talking point for politicians for the past few months. That has caused politics to have an unusually large impact on the industry this year. While there have been other factors that have had an effect, most commentators have been...

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2017 So Far: The State Of World Steel

The steel industry is a barometer for the world's economic health. Almost every industry needs steel to expand, so the steel industry grows when other industries grow. That type of growth has been happening in 2017, and it is likely to continue for the rest of the...

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State Of Japanese Steel

For over a hundred years, the health of the steel industry in Japan has been tied to the political and economic swings of the country. History of Steel Production in Japan Japan’s emergence form a feudal society to the modern world in the late 19th century depended...

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The State Of Chinese Steel

China has always been a big player in the steel industry, and that is not showing any signs of changing in the near future. Investors, machinists, and anyone else who has an interest in the steel industry should continue to pay close attention to mills in China. The...

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What China’s Clean Energy Pledge Means To Steel

China is a country that plans on achieving environmental sustainability by the end of the year 2020. The Republic of China started a five-year flagship project in 2016 to see to it that this great nation becomes environmentally sustainable by advocating for clean...

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South Korean Steel In 2017

The future of South Korean steel looks bright for the upcoming year. There are certainly a few difficulties that manufacturers will need to overcome, but rising demand and prices for steel in many parts of the world are an excellent sign for the industry. Recovering...

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What Does A Trump Presidency Mean For Steel?

WHAT DOES TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY MEAN FOR STEEL BUSINESS After the whirlwind that was the United States election, Donald Trump will be occupying the House on the Hill in a week. The American populace will have their sights trained on Trump’s next moves as they hope he...

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