Tesla Sends Stainless Steel Into Space

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently announced the launch of a “Stainless Steel Starship”. The test spaceship’s real time development was shared on December 24, 2018. This was in the wake of Musk’s tweet that the company’s “radically redesigned” design was ready to launch by...

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The Role of Stainless Steel in the Dairy Industry

When it comes to food safety, the hygienic integrity of the tools used in processing the food is crucial. This especially goes for dairy products. In the dairy industry, the smoothness of stainless steel prevents build-up of the oils and natural sugars found in dairy....

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Stainless Steel & the Mission for Clean Water

For decades, the goal of promoting clean, safe drinking water has inspired urban planners. Even today, millions of households lack this important commodity. Stainless steel currently serves as a powerful ally for ensuring high quality public water supplies in the...

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The Eco-Friendly Aspects of Steel Structures

Steel is one of the strongest building materials. As a result, it withstands environmental and weather effects. It also saves on energy and minimizes waste. This makes steel one of the most eco-friendly building materials. Here is how. Meeting Standards and Codes of...

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Amsterdam’s Revolutionary 3D Printed Steel Bridge

MX3D, a Dutch robotic manufacturing technology startup, is celebrating the completion of its revolutionary 3D printed steel bridge. It will soon be installed over a canal in Amsterdam. Creating the bridge required years of design, engineering, and coding. Printed from...

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Are stainless steel straws the future?

Straws have definitely been causing a quite a stir lately. Pun completely intended. Plastic straws are everywhere. From the local coffee shop to our favorite smoothie place. Most of us pick up these items without even considering the environmental impact of one-time...

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The Steel Industry & American Urbanization

When the Industrial Revolution rolled around, influential changes began to dominate the American landscape. Before the 1870s, only two cities in the United States held more than 500,000 inhabitants—New York City and Philadelphia. At the time, New York City had 813,669...

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Chinese Steel Industry Faces Huge Boom

In the recent past, China's stock market has been dwindling due to the trade wars with the US. However, steel prices have been indicating a positive state of the economy. Although China is transforming from manufacturing to consumption economy, steel is still an...

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Stainless Steel & the Sugar Industry

In order to transform sugar cane into white sugar, it must undergo a complex refining process. Brazil and India are two of the major players in the sugar industry. Both countries are currently engaged in upgrading essential equipment for sugar refinery to aid in...

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